“2011, From Here” (English)

 “2011, From Here”
 Earthquake Charity Event

A month has passed since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake struck on March 11.
Maybe some of you who are reading have family members or friends who experienced 
hardships because of the  quake.

For those of us who, fortunately, suffered little or no damage from the disaster,
what can we do to point the way toward light in what will likely be a long struggle?
Each of us wants to help out in each of our fields.
That was the idea behind naming this event “2011, From Here”.

We're starting here
We're thinking from here
And the 'here' is where you are

At this event, in addition to live performances, 
we will be selling “2011, From Here” badges created by illustrators. 
We will be donating all the live show proceeds and badge sales to disaster relief efforts.

Organizer: advantage Lucy

Saturday, May 7, 2011
“2011, From Here” Earthquake Charity Event

Venue: Shimokitazawa club Que
Ticket price: 3000 (advanced), 3300 (same day) plus 1 drink
Doors open 18:30, event starts 19:00
Performers: HARQUA / Kuki Kodan / advantage Lucy

DJ:Dj kamaage
“2011, From Here” badge creators:mille books / Asami Hattori / Yuka Hioki / batayam

To reserve tickets, please send an e-mail to

with the following information:
On the SUBJECT header: The date and location of the show (for example,
May 7, Club Que "2011,From Here")
In the text part: Your name and the number of tickets you desire.

Ticket office: club Que 03-3412-9979
Event blog :  “2011, From Here”

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